Get Involved

There are many actions you can take to help bring attention to this issue:

Contact your Legislator. Not sure who your legislator is? Find out here:

  • Call – Governor Steve Beshear at: 1-502-564-2611 and lodge a complaint.
  • Call – Senators and Representatives toll-free on the Legislative Message Line:
  • 1-800-372-7181 •TTY Messages 1-800-896-0305 •En Español 1-866-840-6574
  • Find your representatives in the General Assembly online:
  • Email lawmakers at:
  • Send e-mail to the Legislative In-box , where it is sorted by staff and directed to any or all legislators indicated in the message.
  • Search for all your legislators at Project Vote Smart:
  • Tell your story. Submit your story to us for publication and help raise awareness for this issue.