Extreme Interest for Extreme Emergencies

A single mother of two teens is employed as a cafeteria worker with the local school system.  During 2008, when gas was very expensive, she had a pay period where she was short on cash for her bills.  She didn’t want to bounce a check or accrue late fees, so she used a payday lender to borrow $100.  The fee was $15 for the loan, but Carol had to renew twice, and she ended up paying $45 in fees for the $100 she borrowed. Unfortunately, she was forced to use the service twice again, the most recent time this past July, but these loans were repaid in one cycle, costing her only the original $15 fee both times.  Carol was not comfortable using the payday lenders, but luckily now she is in a more stable financial position.  She says that she would only use the service again in an extreme emergency.