A Former Payday Lending Manager Speaks Out

She spent approximately a year and a half working for two payday lenders in Central Kentucky.  She indicated that on average, only 10% of customers paid off their loans in the allotted time.  Of the others, 75% got stuck in the lending cycle, borrowing and reborrowing over and over.  She and her coworkers had to call customers every day when they were late with their payments, and if she couldn’t reach someone by phone, she went to the person’s home.  In addition, she called banks every morning to see if customers’ accounts had the funds to cover their loans.  She also mentioned that the payday lenders would offer incentives to lure in customers.  Often the first loan was given at a reduced rate, and customers were offered $20 for referring others to their store.  Whitney said that she often saw the same people at both stores; many were regulars.