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Kentuckians Ask Senators McConnell and Paul to Stop Blocking Consumer Financial Protection

The Kentucky Coalition for Responsible Lending delivered a message from almost 1,200 Kentuckians to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Rand Paul today: “It’s time to stop blocking consumer protection and confirm Director Richard Cordray to a full term at the helm of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).” The petitions were delivered as part of a national movement during which over 160,000 Americans signed a petition from Americans for Financial Reform asking members of Congress to confirm Cordray and let the CFPB continue to do its job of protecting consumers. Director Cordray has been re-nominated to serve a full, five-year term. His leadership has won praise from Republicans and Democrats, and from bankers and consumer advocates. And yet, for two years, a group of Senators has been blocking his appointment. By law, the CFPB has limited ability to do the job it was created to do following the financial collapse in 2008 in the absence of a confirmed director. For more information, check out a press release issued today. And here are the petitions delivered to Senator McConnell  and Senator Paul.

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